Life is too short...

to drink bad wine!

From the house wine to the most exclusive bottles, our wine list is a perfectly curated selection created by Tito himself. His desire to match the quality of the dishes inspired him to create a predominantly natural, organic and biodynamic, wine selection.

When it comes to sparkling wine, a fresh and balanced sparkling Cava Brut Reserva will create a magical mood. And if you are looking for more fullness and roundness, a pleasantly acid Prosecco Superiore, Ca’ Zen, Biodinamico is the right Italian choice for you. Both are perfect.

The white wine selection takes you from a cheerfully bitter with dry finish Don Indalecio, Bodega Copaboca, to the taste of tropical fruits, fragrant and round, Viognier, Secret de Lunès - Bio. All choices exhibit bright aromas to round your dinner experience.

A very delicate rosé wine, the French Campaux will take your senses right to the blue Coast with it's pear and peach aromas with slightly peppery finish. Orange wines are a very special choice. Citrus, aromatic & fragrant, will for sure offer a very authentic Spanish adventure.

Last but not least, the red wine selection with all kinds of grape varieties. Depending on the experience you are looking for, this selection goes from Fresh and aromatic to meaty and intense. Of course Tito chose Spanish red wines that are tasty and pleasant. As Italian himself, an Italian choice is present, a spicy with a bitter-sweet finish, full-body Sinodo - Naturale y Biodinamico.

Locals Only is the perfect venue in Plaza del Parque to share a gathering over a good glass of wine. Creating memories with friends and family doing what we like the most: laugh, eat and drink!. Cheers!