something to choose from

During summer, Locals Only is open Tuesday to Sunday from midday 12:30 to 23:30.

We also serve a pre-fixe, or menu del día, lunch menu on weekdays and Saturday, offering two courses plus a sweet treat for 17€ from noon to 4pm. The menu changes everyday and can be found on a chalk board.

Absolutely everything is seasonal, and Tito works closely with his hand-picked chefs as they wield their shining knives and expert skills to prepare dishes with modern flair, international fusion, mind-blowing techniques and of course, local ingredients. We believe in “Farm to Table Traceability” – Know who and where your food is coming from. Enjoy our seasonal Locally Grown Food from our Local Farmers. 1. Companatge 2. Can Rich 3. Carn & Coop 4. ECOFeixes