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Think global, eat local

As the world around us is constantly changing, one thing is becoming clearer by the day; we may hail from different countries and cultures, yet as human beings, we are one. This ‘one world’ way of thinking inspired restaurater.

Tito Piazza to name his osteria-style Ibiza eatery Locals Only back in 2014 – the abstract idea was that all citizens of the world would always be welcomed here. Over the years, humanity has caught up with this concept – we know we must unite to protect our precious planet. We must think globally, but eat locally, no matter where we may be in the world.

Think global, eat local Locals Only Ibiza

Our ethos

Sustainability and a zero-waste ethos are at the heart of the Locals Only philosophy. Almost all of our farm-to-table produce is organic and sourced locally, particularly when it comes to the incredible KM0 bounty of fruit, vegetables, fish and seafood the Mediterranean island of Ibiza provides.

Our wine list is hand-picked by Tito himself – from the house wine through to the most exclusive bottles – and we’re proud to say it is predominantly natural, organic and biodynamic, including the finest Spanish, Italian and French drops. Additionally, Tito works with a carefully curated selection of organic spirits and liqueurs to shake and stir a unique craft cocktail list alongside all the classics.

Our ethos Locals Only Ibiza

A holistic approach

We approach everything we do from a sustainable perspective. It’s not just the dishes we serve and the drinks we make, but also the furniture we build, the utensils our guests use, the menus they read and more. With much respect to our Balearic homeland, we limit the use of paper, we recycle all silverware and only use reclaimed wood for our furniture – even the carved wooden map of the world on our wall is upcycled. We go so far as to serve homemade, reverse osmosis, re-mineralised drinking water and produce our own ice to reduce plastic waste.

This approach to running a restaurant is not trend-led – Tito’s life and career experience, in addition to his unwavering passion for his craft, led him to conceptualise a restaurant that thrived in this holistic style.

A holistic approach Locals Only Ibiza

About our founder

Born in the Italian province of Treviso, Tito inherited his love of home cooking from his mother, who could transform even the most simple of ingredients into amazing meals. His typically northern Italian flair for hospitality came from both his parents and grandparents – whose butcher shop in Venice and family home were always buzzing with friends and family.

Welcoming, feeding and entertaining is in Tito’s DNA, so it was no surprise that he went on to culinary school in 1987. After graduating, he followed the classic path of a chef-in-training – starting as a dishwasher and kitchenhand, until he gained an internship at the famed Michelin Star restaurant San Domenico, under the watchful eye of chef Valentino Marcattilii.

About our founder Locals Only Ibiza

An established career

Soon after, Tito gained employment at of one of the world’s most acclaimed restaurants: Harry’s Bar by Cipriani in Venice, where Ernest Hemingway wrote most of his novels. He worked his way up through the kitchen and eventually spent over 20 years working for the Cipriani family, moving to NYC in 1997 as corporate chef for the group. He also spent time working in Miami and the UAE, until he was sent to Ibiza to design and develop the kitchen and menu of the flagship Balearic Cipriani restaurant in 2012. It was at this point, Tito began to feel called in a different direction.

The island of Ibiza was working its magic on him, and after two seasons – in love with his new home – he decided it was time to open his own restaurant. Somewhere with a more personal touch, where value was placed on authenticity, and that honoured the produce of the island.

An established career Locals Only Ibiza

A new concept

In 2014, he found the perfect venue in Plaza del Parque, a buzzing square in the island’s capital, a former Ibicenco restaurant serving homecooked meals to mostly island locals. To Tito, this seemed like the perfect place for all of the ideas, inspiration and recipes he’d been gathering for a quarter of a century to come to fruition. In its new incarnation, this restaurant would become a place where the island’s global community of expats, locals and travellers could unite, and feel completely at home. He built the Locals Only concept around the idea of a typical Italian Osteria. ‘Oste’ translates to host, and with Tito as the heart and soul of the project, the stars aligned and this eco-conscious modern Mediterranean restaurant came to life and was embraced by all who crossed its threshold.

A new concept Locals Only Ibiza

The future…

Going forward, the goal for Tito is to continue evolving. To keep moving with the times, to support the local community, to share opportunities and work towards a model of conscious consumerism. He believes locally sourced materials and supplies are now more important than ever, in order to build a healthy, sustainable environment. His desire to be a shining example of sustainability in Ibiza has grown stronger, as he deepens his commitment to zero waste and to reducing the restaurant’s carbon footprint. At Locals Only, business is not all about the bottom line. It is about how are we treat the planet and how we are leaving it for the next generation.

The future… Locals Only Ibiza